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Tassel Tieback
A tassel tieback is kind of cord that is connected to the window frame for pulling the curtains in a decorative manner it helps in making the living rooms look attractive.
Tassel Fringe
Tassel fringe is a decorative element that is fixed to the couches, cushions, lamps for the beautiful look. This helps in making the surrounding and the home look attractive. 
Napkin Ring
The napkin ring is installed in the washrooms and has stylish look. The color and resistivity features of the ring for shrinkage makes it preferable. The quality of the ring is commendable, and it is durable. 
Curtain Cord
The curtain cord is available in different materials. The cord is used to easily handle the heavy curtains. The cord is also used to decorate the curtain and room.
Yarn And String Curtain
The yarn and string curtains are the curtains with different look. The yarn curtain is made into beautiful, locked curtain in the middle. The string curtain looks fantastic and used as a decor element.
Key Tassel
The Key tassel is a small sized tassel that is attached to a thin cord for adding elegant feature to cabinet furniture. It is also attached to the pillows. 

Copper Mug
The copper mug is the mug made with the pristine copper material. The mug is used to keep the beverages. The mug is durable and looks aesthetic.
Copper Bottle
Copper bottle is used to keep the drinkable water. The bottle is spacious and release the copper ions which makes the water extremely healthy, which is effective in treating many stomach problems.
Dream Catcher
The dream catcher is an accessory that is hung on the walls. The primary purpose of this product is to provide the positive vibes fit for sleeping by eliminating the negative and evil spirits from the room.
Wall Hanging Tassel
The wall hanging tassel is a decorative accessory which helps in making the room walls look attractive. The tassel looks fantastic and is available in various designs.
Fancy Laces
The fancy lases are the beautiful accessories that beautify the fabric made articles such as garments, curtain, furniture covering clothes. The laces are wonderfully designed and available in distinct colors and patterns.

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